Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let it Go

I am reeeeally late to the party, but I just wanted everyone to know that I do not totally live under a rock. I have two young children, so yes, I have seen Disney's Frozen. Once ever. I'm pretty big on inclusion, so I hate to separate myself from the masses like this...I didn't think it was all that good. It was not horrible, but let's be honest, people. It was not awesome either. Even my six-year-old daughter left the theater asking why Elsa had ice powers that made both clothing and life. I feel like that information was really missing from my fairy tale plot line. (And don't even get me started on the magic-love-rock-trolls...?!?!?) If I had it my way, I would let us all re-watch Tangled and forget this confusing animated musical ever happened.

Unfortunately, me not liking the movie has nothing to do with the fact that my children are completely infatuated with it (which I find totally confusing, because my son is the only one who has watched it more than once. He totals in at whopping two times, in fact.) But thanks to peer pressure and media hype, they too know all the words to all the songs and request the soundtrack playlist for our dinnertime music, putting on fully choreographed dance numbers afterward.

And so all of my readers without children are fully understanding---yes. Our children are STILL singing the "Let it Go" song

To share the sentiments of a fellow mom: they must be inserting subliminal messages into this music. That's the only way any of this makes sense.

Tonight as I was being serenaded by my children once again with what can now only be described as every mom's least favorite anthem the most beloved musical score of all time, I realized that the entire time Elsa is singing her song about "letting go" of her problems, she is actually running away and barricading herself in them. (I didn't need yet another reason to dislike the movie, but there it was.)

And while I don't want to admit that I let my thoughts wander instead of listening to my darling children belt out their favorite song, I couldn't help but think of an even better song about letting go.

(Well, actually I thought of two. This is the first one. (That's right, Disney! Tim McGraw thought of it first!!!))

But the one that stuck was this one:
My sin—oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!—
My sin, not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more,
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!

(And this is the part where I apologize for getting all deep about this over-rated kid's movie...)

I have not led a perfect life. It is not a secret. I don't hide it from people, and I make it spectacularly easy to find.

Fun fact: when my husband receives his clearances, they always ask him if having a child out of wedlock would be valuable intel for someone. To which he answers: well, I hope not. Because that would probably make them idiots. (Man, I love him!)

My one happy thought is that Facebook was in its infancy when I was in college. Though I still have myself a few of these fine gems which often help to explain the previous picture:

And of course there are no pictures to document certain parts of my life that I wish nobody knew about me.

Even so---not in part. But the whole.

I can't run away from the past--no matter how shiny the ice castle or fabulous the dress.
But I can let it go, because He's already taken it from me. (Praise the Lord!) That's what it means to be free.
Here's hoping we never let yesterday's mistakes overshadow the promises of eternity...And that we never have to listen to another reprise of "Let it Go" ever again :)

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