Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...Again

Today marks one year since I began my blog. I am so thankful for that one night where I just couldn't sleep and for the fact that I had watched Julie and Julia that night. (Ha! The truth finally comes out!) But that one fluke night was such a blessing in disguise for me. I enjoy every minute of this blogging is my guilty pleasure that I don't feel too terribly guilty about :) I write solely for me, but I LOVE hearing that so many people are able to relate to it, to laugh because of it, and above all else, to be encouraged by it.

Anyway, the very first entry I wrote was titled "Happy Mother's Day" and in a very brief and rambling 4-5 paragraphs, I wrote about my outlook on motherhood and how motherhood has validated my life. On my blogging anniversary, I felt it suitable to write on a similar topic.

My kids have driven me crazy today. Not the kind of crazy where you are not able to form coherent sentences because you are so tired from chasing and yelling at your children all day. I wish it was that kind of crazy. No, my kids have driven me the kind of crazy where it took every iota of strength in me not to have more than one glass of wine at supper tonight, put the kids to bed at 6 o'clock and eat a good 16 ounces of dark chocolate.

Aside from the usual daily activities of tattle-telling, disobeying, and blatantly ignoring my instructions, my precious angels threw some major whoppers at me today. One of my children decided that on this day he would continuously strip off his diapers and play a disgusting version of "musical chairs" on my furniture, use his newfound knowledge of opening the refrigerator door to nab a big box of chicken stock and pour it all over my microfiber sofa, and chase his sister around the house wiping boogers all over her.
My other child decided she would take the opportunity while her mommy was cleaning up these messes to have a tea party in the bathtub fully-clothed, to decorate one of her hairbows with glitter and glue on her bedroom carpet, and to jump face-first onto her brother's knee, which caused a massive nosebleed that took a good 20 minutes and two washrags to completely stop.

I'm not going to lie to you, that bottle of wine I mentioned still beckons to me.

This evening I submitted initial paperwork with hopes to return to school and earn some additional certifications. I love my babies--crazy as they are. I love being home with them--hectic and stressful as it is. But I think as I hit the submit button for my career plan, I let out a squeal of delight. I still stand firm on my position that my responsibilities lie with raising my children first and foremost, but as much as I relish in the joy that staying at home with my children brings me, I look forward to seeking validation and finding joy in something that does not require me to bust out the upholstery cleaner and clorox 5 times a day.

Motherhood has given me everything--patience that I didn't know I had, a sense of humor to deal with things that are hard, energy and strength to do things I didn't think I could, understanding and acceptance for things I can't control, humility and grace to recover when I screw up, purpose for my life today and forever after.

I find it funny that now more than ever I feel ready for the workforce. Turns out motherhood has also given me confidence--because if I can handle the craziness of my daily routine now, I can certainly handle whatever crazy-business any grownup can cook up.

And truth be told, as much as I look forward to working again someday, I know that no job can ever top my current position. After the nosebleeding and the booger-flinging finally ended, I listened at the bottom of the stairs for a while to my children giggling together as they played "Super Sam and Super Jack." Tonight my son got out of bed about four extra times, but each time yelling, "Oh Mommy! You forgot your hug!" And I bowed my head tonight with my daughter as she prayed, "Dear God, thank you for all the fun I had today." It will be hard to find perks like those in any other field of work.

So happy early Mother's Day again to all of you. We are definitely worth celebrating...and quite possibly with another glass of wine.

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