Friday, March 30, 2012

The Straw that Broke this Momma's Back

I am, by nature, a very happy person. Some might even argue that I am annoyingly optomistic at times. I like most people, I ADORE most children, I find most outings and events entertaining, and I have a God-given ability to twist most negatives into something worth being thankful for.
But even the most cheerful of spirits deserves an opportunity to rant. In fact, I feel it is my right as a blogger. (And it was promised in the subtitle!) So away we go...

I dropped my kids off at the Mother's Day Out program at church today and noticed that one of the little boys in my son's room was crazy sick. I know your argument, little boy's mom, and I'm not buying it. He didn't have a little cough, he didn't have "allergies" to the recent dust storms, he wasn't cutting teeth--he was hacking up his lungs all over a bunch of building blocks and pouring flourescent green snot onto his upper-lip. With my husband deployed, I schedule the kids into childcare for only 10 hours out of the entire week. I am almost terrified to give myself that time now, because at least once a month one of my kids catches something from a slimy peer.
Now moms, I understand that it sucks when your kid gets sick. I understand that you had plans that might not pan out if you can't drop your kid off. But I also know that it is possible to get your hair washed, cut, and styled with a 20-month-old in the stroller next to you watching The Wiggles. Keep your drippy kid at home, or I will be certain to make mine sneeze all over yours.
(Irony in this: I had to pick up my son from childcare early today because he started to run a fever. Drippy McSnotterson was still there when I went to pick him up.)

Needless to say, after only two hours of my kids being in childcare, I was not able to get everything knocked off my to-do list. Desperately in need of groceries, and having already spent over an hour and a half now driving back and forth from the church, I decided that I would stop by an Albertson's on my way home...which quickly shifted my anger from snot-face's mom to the grocery chain. I have to ask, does anyone other than me ever become infuriated while shopping in that store? Why is Albertson's so flippin' expensive? In fact, in this economy, how are they still in business? EVERYTHING in that store is overpriced--some items 50% over what I can buy them at other stores. Are we, as consumers, only continuing to go there because of the Monopoly game? Have we ever even heard of anyone winning anything other than a can of Spam from playing that Monopoly game? (I'm only slightly kidding! I really want to know!) It is outrageously over-priced and I will never think of it as anything other than a florist ever again! Oh, and by the way, the checkout lines are horrendous..."no more than three customers in the line..." Don't insult me, jerkfaces.

I am almost done here but I have to do one more...
When OH WHEN did people decide they were going to stop parenting their children? I was at an Easter activity that USO sponsored for the families in our battalion tonight, and I had to yell at a bunch of older kids for purposely collapsing a jumping balloon while a bunch of toddlers were inside. For the record, I ABSOLUTELY HATE having to raise my voice at other children. I know from blogs past it may seem as if I like to yell, but I promise I don't--not even at my own kids. So it takes a whole friggin' lot for me to yell at a child that doesn't belong to me. But I sure as heck will when there are no parents around to supervise their unruly children.
Yes, there is a luxury in that when kids get older, you are able to let them stretch their wings a little. You don't have to hover over their every move like you do when they are toddlers. But you better be able to know where your kid is, who they are with, and what they are doing at all times-- especially when you are within a hundred yards of them. I assume it must be nice to be able to sit on a bench and socialize with other adults, but that is what brunches are for. When you are at a family-focused activity, a birthday party, or wherever else you bring your children with you, your first responsibility is to be accountable for YOUR child. Quit assuming that everyone else will supervise your child for you. AND STOP getting defensive when someone else tries to correct your child's misbehavor. IT IS YOUR JOB, and if you had been there to do it in the first place, the other person wouldn't have to!
After I made sure the structure was standing back up and the younger children had made it out okay, I noticed that two of the older boys had decided to start a fight in the corner of the balloon. Another mom came upon the scene and told the boys to stop, and one of the boys told her to 'shut up.' I wonder if that one was her son...

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