Saturday, March 31, 2012

For Jack

Changing the tune from yesterday's post...(I don't stay mad for long!)

Tomorrow is my son's second birthday, and my house will officially be out of babies :) He was born on April Fool's Day (19 hours after my first contraction...) and I think that speaks a lot about him. He is a clown, he is a joker, he is a prankster, and he wears his mommy out! But I love him every minute of every day and I am so proud of the little person he is now, and the promise of the person he is becoming.

Happy birthday, Bubba!

Rough and tumble
Sweet but wild
You surely are your father's child.

Love for music
Dancing shoes
(You've got some Mommy in there, too!)

Little monkey
You run (not walk) from place to place.

Mountain goat
Your tiny voice an angel's note.

Sister's buddy
Daddy's joy
But you are a "momma's boy." :)

Never tired
Never scared
Your mommy was not quite prepared.

For puppy's tails
And icky bugs
(But I sure do love your sticky hugs!)

Handsome rebel
Lady's man
I'll steal your kisses while I still can.

...And hold your hands
And brush the the dirt
Off of your britches, hair, and shirt.
And kiss your boo-boos
And wipe your tears
And cherish these few precious years.
'Cause the first time I heard your heartbeat
I knew our family was complete.
And every day we spend together
Is another day for me to treasure.

Mommy loves you, Stinker!

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