Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yesterday I revealed to you my New Year's resolutions. Let me tell you right now, as of yet I cannot play guitar, I did not sing karaoke, I have not run a marathon, I still owe a large sum of money on my student loan, I have not entered a BHG recipe contest (first one due on the 24th--burgers and pies,) and I have not taken a vacation with my husband. I should also let you know that I almost did not sit down to write this blog today, I was on Facebook for at least half an hour, I didn't yell as much as I wanted to (but I did succumb to the urge a couple of times today,) and I went to a birthday party and a dear friend had me over for dinner--so I probably didn't do so well in the junk food department.

I did drink a lot more water today, so that's something, I guess.

I know that, realistically, no one would expect me to have any major updates to share. But I have to admit, I did feel a little disappointed in myself that I didn't. I think that growing up in an age of instant gratification, I just expect things to magically happen for me right away. Where the heck is a Staples button when you need one?!

And since I have begun admitting things...

Does anybody else ever feel like they're competing with everyone to acheive their resolutions first, or is that just a "me issue?" My entire Newsfeed at one point in the day was chock-full of people owning up to their claims to workout more, or lose weight, or maintain their blog... and all I could think about was "Man, am I a slacker! It's 9:30 in the morning and I have yet to hit the gym or upload a bunch of pictures to my blog. And I'm pretty sure that I have gained 5 pounds in the last three weeks--not lost them!" Watching everyone else step up their game should motivate me, and it does a bit, but I have to say it also makes me feel a little disappointed in myself that I can't keep up.
Tomorrow I think my status update will read: Had a great, creamy, sugary cup of coffee this morning. Went perfectly with my cheese danish. Geared up and ready to sit on my butt and watch The Wiggles with my munchkins.
...Yep, that one's a keeper.

So in sum, day 2 into my 2012 journey, I am still the same old me--only slightly more hydrated.

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