Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Ballerina Girl

This blog is mainly used to write/rant about my own personal musings and the big lessons I often take from life's little moments. Today is not about that. Today's post is all for the benefit of one daddy who loves his little girl very much and would have liked nothing better than to have been there for her on her special day. (And you were certainly with us in spirit, babe.)

So here are the details of Sambug's dance recital:

Sammi had a dance rehearsal last week. It was the worst rehearsal ever. For one thing, they didn't have anyone there who knew how to work the soundboard to play the music. (Ummm...that alone made it pretty pointless for us to be there.) But I also had a hard time wrangling the little man who was running up and down the aisles and between the rows of chairs in Soldier's Hall.

At least the costuming part was successful. How precious does she look?!?!

Here she is in front of the stage before show time. She was SO nervous about the stage this time. She kept thinking that she would forget the dance or go too fast. But she did wonderfully :)

---I do have to mention before the video that our little ladybug brought her daddy doll with her tonight so that "daddy could watch her do the dance." She was pretty furious when the instructor tried to make her leave daddy doll in the chair to go on stage. I had to come backstage to calm her down right before her group went on. I almost thought she wasn't going to dance tonight. But she did...thank goodness!----

Also, it would be fair to note here that apparently I do not know how to correctly record video, so the first 30 seconds is missing from the dance. (Did you expect anything differently from me?!?!) I will try to mooch a full video off of one of the other moms for you. Just know that she did amazing the entire time and did not fall over even once. And the kid to watch is the tall one, in case you had any doubts :)

...Okay...I just spent the last 75 minutes waiting for the video to upload here and it didn't. I am trying to upload it for you to check it out on Facebook. Sorry!!!

Lastly, I wanted to include a picture of Sammi after the show. Notice she is holding her daddy doll again :) And just so you know, I did not get any credit for the flowers. She said "she knew they were from daddy, because he knows her favorite color is pink and she is her daddy's favorite ballerina." Well, can't argue with her there :)

I tried to get pictures of little man alone and with his sister to put on here as well, but you know that kid won't stay still even for a minute. I did manage to get one of him with his hand down his pants, but I figured I wouldn't post that one here:) Boys...

I decided that if I had tonight to do over again, I probably would have stuck him in childcare. He kept crying and squirming the entire time. But he learned a new word today--walk. Which meant he wanted me to get up out of the seats and walk him up and down the aisle. Sheesh! But when his sister came up on the stage, he was completely quiet and watched her so intently. He even cheered for her at the end! (I'm sure you heard it.) That kid sure loves his big did we get so lucky with that?!

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