Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For My Soldier

Miss you every moment
Love you every second
I may not always need you
But I want you just the same

Happy for a moment
And sad in the next second
Cuz this would have made you smile--
Want to hear your laugh again

Proud of you every moment
Think of you every second
I worry just a little
But then I think of you and smile

So stop for just a moment
Take a break for just a second
And know how much I love you--
Would walk 7000 miles

Just to kiss you for a moment
And to hold you for a second--
The months cannot pass fast enough
I want you here with me

Til then I'll miss you every moment
And love you every second
And fall asleep each evening
And see you in my dreams
We all love you, Soldier.

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