Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Understanding God's Judgement

Today, we are reminded that God is the ultimate judge--not us. It is God's job to punish wrong-doers--not ours.

I will freely admit, I was totally distracted tonight when I was reading this. I was trying to load a disc onto my computer and the stupid thing wasn't opening. All I could think about was how stupid the person who formatted the disc must have been. I mean, who can't hit the "burn" or "write" or "transfer file" button on the computer when they are prompted?? Come on now! (This sounds like a person who has spent a week studying how to resist judging others, doesn't it?)
The thing that made me the most mad in all this was thinking to myself, "The place of business is closed. I can't even go in there to yell at them and have them fix my problem until tomorrow. And I want it fixed right now."

Boom. That right there is what I think traps people into judging others. It is a part of our human nature that we cannot wait one minute for justice to be served. When someone truly wrongs me, all I want is for karma to come running up on that person to bite them in the butt. I secretly smile inside when I hear ill news about that person. But if I have to wait any amount of time to hear that news, then I tell karma where it can go and I take matters into my own hands. In no time at all, I have turned myself into the victim, the witness to the crime, the jury, judge, and prosecutor. (Don't mess with me. I am one bad mamma jamma.) And here's the problem with all that--none of those are my jobs.

And it may be a bit of a shocker to other people when I say this...it is not "karma's" job either. It is God's. God is in control. God is the perfect judge. God always gives the appropriate consequences for our choices, and he always does it at the perfect time.

That is where I need to fix myself. I have never been good at waiting for God's timing to match up with mine. There is usually not a live feed streaming between me wanting something and God providing it for me. And not that He doesn't hear it instantly...I just have to wait a few business days for Him to process my request. :)
However, I do have to say, He has earned nothing but five-star reviews from me so far. (Ok, I will stop with all of that nonsense now...)

So it is not my job to pass judgement. It is not my job to issue punishment. And it is certainly not my job to seek revenge. So what is my job? Love. Forgive. Trust in God. He will set everything right in His own perfect time. Now if only I can remember all of this when I am getting my disc replaced tomorrow...

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