Friday, September 30, 2011

The Plant

When someone that I love loses someone that they love
It stinks to think that in lieu of the words I cannot find to say
I can only give a plant.

A plant cannot smile brightly at you
Or make you laugh
Or wrap you in a warm embrace and tell you that everything will be okay.
It is just a plant.

A plant will not replace the life that was lost
Heal the hurt that surfaces
Make the lonliness go away
Or bring answers to any of the "why's" we are sure to ask
Because it is just a plant.

But I will send it anyway
Because I don't know what else to do.

And especially when I can't be there to tell you in person,
I wanted there to be some clear sign to show you
That I love you
That I am praying for you
That I hurt and grieve with you
That I miss them too
That their lives mattered to me--and you matter to me too.

So, just this once,
Let it be more than just a plant.

Dear God,
Thank you for Folse, Betty, and all of the angels you have added to your kingdom to keep watch over us here. And please let my Boudreaux family know I love them more than my plant could ever say.

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