Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love Is...

I am such a lucky girl. :)

I have two beautiful children who are the heartbeat of who I am. A husband who is my best friend, confidant, provider, and teammate. Friends who I truly enjoy and adore. A family who is ever-present and who I am proud to share genes with :) A God who blesses me unceasingly, though I never ever deserve it.

I am feeling the love tonight! And so because of that, I will share my two cents and add some one-liners to the popular 1970's comic.

Love Is...

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba...for the 100th time--and getting up to do all the "dancy-dances" with you.

Eating Mickey Mouse shaped chicken nuggets/Easy Mac for lunch, because they are your favorite.

Crawling through the tunnels at Jungle Jaks and getting bopped in the head by the giant punching bag innumerous amounts of times because I won't let you go down the crazy slides alone.

Teaching you how to use the slip-n-slide, complete with demonstrations of "proper form."

Sticking around...even after potty-training.

Love is...

Processing deer meat with you

Staying up late at night looking at recipes and trailers on the BBQ forum

Learning how to "properly" fold your ACU undershirts and taking the time to make sure your socks are not inside-out before pairing them and putting them in your drawer

cooking two extra dinners to bring to Town Hall meetings--even though they are not going to eat it--but just because you asked me

"never having to say you're hungry"-Charlie Robinson (lol)

Missing you every other month out of the year; sometimes a year at a time (you ARE worth it, by the way)

Love is...

Letting you see me without make-up

Laughing so hard that I snort

Telling you my most embarrassing stories and trusting that I won't see them on Facebook the next day :)

Continuing to talk to you, even when you tag the most HORRIBLE pictures of me on Facebook for ALL the world to see

Always ALWAYS offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a safe place to share

Love is...

Promising that I will call more

Knowing that you will love me just as much, even if I don't end up calling

Recognizing that I have, in fact, turned into my mother/father/grandmother/aunt/etc.-and I don't feel the least bit ashamed about it :)

Still wondering if I make you proud

Totally accepting the fact that I am-and forever will be-"Pookie"

Love is...

Believing-when it doesn't make sense

Trusting-when I don't think it's possible

Giving praise-when I feel like giving up

Obeying-when I don't like the instruction

Praying-when I don't know what else to do

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