Thursday, June 16, 2011

To My Die-Hard Dad

Websites are buzzing with funny and touching Father's Day stories. I decided I should write a story about my own dad. I'm not sure how funny or touching it will be to anyone else, but here it goes...

I was talking on the phone today with my mother and she told me that she took my younger brother to the Dallas Maverick's Parade in celebration of their championship title; an event my father has been rooting for since before I can even remember. I couldn't help but smile as my mom said, "A good thing about your father, he is a true die-hard fan."

So true! My dad has a knack for loving the worst teams (and I say that with all of the love in my heart, Dad.) The Detroit Detroit Tigers...hiss. Texas hisssss :) He's loved the Texas Rangers through the worst of times. The Mavs when it was embarrassing to love them. But he is no fair-weather fan, which must make it so much sweeter now that he has endured the worst and is able to celebrate becoming the very best.

And he has always been a true die-hard fan of mine. I cannot say that I know of any other dad who did a toe touch in a pee-wee drillteam pep rally for his daughter. He was my softball coach. He played countless games of HORSE with me in my childhood backyard. He drilled me on the math homework I could never seem to figure out. He was my chauffeur to many a practice, audition, competition, and performance. He has been front-row-center to witness many of my victories.

But he has unfortunately been present for a few of my sorrier seasons. The secret house parties, the dead-beat boyfriends, the lame excuses, the multitude of lies, blantant disrespects, selfish acts, and eyerollings...(All you ex-teenage daughters, you know where I'm coming from with these.) I hate thinking that at any point in my life, I could have brought shame on my biggest fan. But thankfully, he is a die-hard, and he just kept right on rooting for me.

Hopefully now as I've entered my rebuilding season, I am able to help him wear his "DAD jersey" with a little more pride. And since we have endured so many losing seasons together, I hope it makes the little victories of mine all the sweeter for him.

I love you, Dad. I know you are my #1 fan. Thank you for the endless support you've given me; it doesn't go unnoticed!!!

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