Friday, June 3, 2011

God, Bless All Mothers

I recently just finished reading a book my grandmother gave me called Legacy of a Pack Rat written by Billy Graham's wife, Ruth Bell Graham. In it she has written a short poem entitled, "God, Bless All Young Mothers."

Here it is:

Bless all young mothers
at end of day.
Kneeling wearily with each
small one
to hear them pray.
Too tired to rise when done...
and yet they do;
longing just to sleep
one whole night through.
Too tired to sleep...
Too tired to pray...
bless all young mothers
at close of day.

This really struck me when I first read it, mostly because I can relate. But after it sat with me for a while, I began thinking about how lucky I am to be a "young mother." I think it is universally accepted and understood that mothering infants and preschool-aged children is hard work. We have so many support groups in place like MOPS and "Mommy and Me" swimming classes, and "Read With Me" storytimes so that we don't ever have to go through it all alone. But it seems to me that when your children get a little older, those support groups fizzle out...not because you don't need the support anymore, but they just don't exist.

So to the mothers with children in all the other age groups, here is my sad attempt to include you in Mrs. Graham's prayer:

bless all mothers
with children of eight or nine.
When they have to listen to their child's incessant whine,
of 'Mom, I'm hungry.' or 'There's nothing to do.'
Give them the strength
to push one more day through.
And give them the sanity,
when school comes to an end,
to make it through the summertime,
'til they begin again :)

bless all mothers
who have teenagers in their care.
Because teens don't give a stink
that they're graying all your hair.
They think their mothers are outdated
and don't understand a thing.
They won't take notice of or say 'thank you' for
their mom's protective wing.
Please help them keep their patience
when their teens ignore them and insult them
And give them understanding
when their babies disappoint them.

bless all mothers
with children that are grown.
Please give them peace of mind
when their child is far from home.
And please give them faith and trust
that their child will come to see them.
And help them keep their patience
because their child will always need them.

God bless all you mommas! :)

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