Thursday, June 2, 2011

Girl-y Power

So kind of a funny story...

I was introduced to a couple of my husbands co-workers this past weekend and they brought it to his attention later in the week that they thought it was funny he was married to such a girly-girl. Nathan wondered what kind of girl he was supposed to be married to then, and they joked that they figured he would have settled for a girl a little rougher around the edges.

Now, I am not at all debating whether or not I am rough...I'm not. In fact, I am pretty dang dainty. But I think where they are getting confused is that being a girly-girl is not synonomous with being a wimp.

So here goes my shout out to all my girly-girls. Holla.
I may, on occasion, have to ask a man to open a screw-top jar for me, but I have also screwed the lid back on so tight that someone else couldn't get it off again after me. (Raw power lol)

I may be afraid of bugs, but I have also fearlessly removed a bug from my child's mouth.

I am not much a fan of snot or boogers, but I will remove a hanger from my child's nose without a tissue.

I can't stand the smell of vomit, but I will clean it off of a child, his bedspread, the carpet and myself completely unphased.
(This is also true of stuff that comes from the other end.)

I will eat more jalepenos than most grown men (not including my husband.)

I will not shoot a deer but I have helped my husband process a few.

If you question my physical strength and endurance, check out my daily ruck: A baby on each hip, a loaded diaper bag in the front, a few extra toys my daughter swears she will carry and then doesn't, four full grocery bags dangling from my forearms and an occasional stroller or dog on a leash. (Yes, sometimes I hurt something, but I always push through.)

And now for things a bit more serious...

I carried and bore two beautiful, healthy babies.

I completed my college education with a newborn baby. Granted, I had a lot of help in Nathan, but I still count that as one for me.

I stay home and raise my children every day. Every temper tantrum; Every bad dream; Every accident; Every sibling rivalry; Every meltdown--- I am there to endure, dispute, and settle every single one of them.

I am the mommy and daddy, man and woman of the house every time my husband leaves. (And the Army Wives are with me on this...they are gone A LOT!) I take charge of the kids, the dog, the house, the yard, the bills, the errands, and the emergencies while he's away. I make my bedtime kisses be enough for two parents. I bring my kids comfort when they miss their daddy, even when all I feel like doing is crying myself.
So yes, I am a girly-girl. And except for my daughter, I may even be the girliest girl I know.
But even though I like to curl my hair for no apparent reason, and I over-dress for almost every occasion under the sun, and I cry at sappy movies, etc...
I am also fully aware of how strong I am, and sometimes (dare I say it) how tough.

So if we can agree on nothing else at the end of this post, let's at least settle upon this: Do not walk into my house uninvited. This girly-girl knows how to take care of herself. (Because simply being with my husband has made me a little rougher around the edges.) :)

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