Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today I'm Thankful Because...

I think that oftentimes in life it is so much easier to focus on all of the negativity and disappointments that are circling us, and in turn we overlook all of life's little blessings. This is especially true for me. I have been dreading my husband's upcoming training schedule so much that I am already missing him and he hasn't even left yet. I am trying to tame my son's never-ending runny nose. I am trying to clean up Sam's latest "artwork" (permanant marker on the dresser.) I am losing sight of all of the good things I've got going for me--literally surrounding me--each and every day. So I decided to challenge myself to list all the blessings that I can think of that I have already encountered today.

Today I'm thankful because:

-I woke up
-The sun is shining. The winds are minimal.
-I found out that due to budget mishaps, my husband will not be leaving on Memorial Day--that's at least one more day with him and I don't have to find anyone else to cook my burger ;)
-My husband had my coffee ready and waiting (Thanks Sweetie!)
-I had quiet time with my son this morning-just me and him-for about 30 minutes while sister slept in
-I had a MOPS meeting and we had a clothing exchange. I now have two dresses, two pairs of shoes, tops, pj's and a belt. All are new to me and I didn't spend a dime.
-Also, since it was a MOPS day, someone else cooked me a delicious breakfast ;)
-I made someone else smile.
-I had adult conversation.
-I have an invite to a baby shower. (Babies are ALWAYS blessings!)
-I made a bracelet for my daughter that she is wearing even now and has dubbed her "jingle bracelet." And when the kids are happy, momma's happy!
-I got my daughter to eat vegetables. WOO HOO!
-I was able to find some spare time in my day to compose this blog.
-I now get to spend quiet time with Sammi-just me and her-while brother naps.

I freely admit, overall today is a very easy day for me to have composed this list. Some days are not so easy. So I challenge anyone who might be reading this, regardless of the kind of you are having, take 10 minutes to think of the things you have to be thankful for today. I think you will surprise yourself. God is always good, so your day cannot be completely bad!!

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  1. What an awesome idea! I will do my "what I am thankful for" blog tonight! Thank you!!!