Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take that, Tomorrow!

(Author's Note: This was not at all the entry I intended to produce when I sat down to write. But I am so glad it turned out this way!)

I spent the better part of my day trying to get my kids registered with the childcare system on post. (We are still not registered yet. I'm not even going to go there today...) Anyway, I was really glad that I was getting all of this stuff taken care of with plenty of time to spare instead of waiting until the last minute when I really need it.

My husband is getting ready to deploy in the fall. It's our first one. I'm really nervous.
I think the nervousness that I'm feeling on the inside is finally starting to make its way to the surface and now I'm running around like a crazy person trying to anticipate all of the things that could possibly happen to my family in a year's time. I'm insane to think I could do that. It's an impossible task to do. But yet, here I am. (I guess this is the part where I should thank my dad for teaching me as a child to "expect the best; prepare for the worst." I love you, Dad. Expect and prepare for me to visit you at the worst possible time next year ;) )

Preparation is a tricky business. It is so important to be prepared for a big event: for me specifically, to be as prepared as I can be for this deployment. This will help my husband feel as calm as he can about those he left behind on the homefront. This will help my children maintain some sort of routine and stability and structure in their ever-changing family dynamic. This will help me lose as little of my marbles as possible. Planning, preparation, readiness...these are all wonderful things.

And yet, even as I type this, this little verse keeps popping into my head:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34 NIV)

I am as prepared as I can be for the future. Christ is my Redeemer. Through Him I have found salvation. So I can trust completely that I will withstand whatever tomorrow (or the next year for that matter) will hold.

Take that, Tomorrow!

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