Monday, May 9, 2011

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

A few weeks ago my daughter shared with me that she wanted to be an alien when she grew up. Since then, she has decided to go for something more realistic: A princess chef. :)

Listening to her, I began to think about all of the silly childhood dreams I had (as well as some silly ones from adulthood.)

When I grow up, I want to be:
A pee wee drill team instructor
A missionary
A famous singer
A supermodel
A Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader-WAYYY before the reality TV show made it silly
A cookbook author (hilarious, because I didn't cook then and all my recipes now are stolen from BHG)
An Interior Decorator
A party planner
A wedding coordinator
A contestant on American Idol (no, I never auditioned)
A PR rep for the Dallas Cowboys (again with the Cowboys!)
An owner of a dance studio
Rich...marrying into the Army was probably a poor choice :)JK, Babe!!!
A mom
A college graduate
A teacher

I love the limitless imaginings of children. I also love that when my child shares her dreams, I know that she has the capability of chasing all of them. (Except the alien one, of course!) As I reflect on my list, I notice there are some things that will never come to be...that hasn't happened for Sammi yet; her imagination is limitless because her opportunities are still limitless. Dreams are beautiful things, and even when a few of her own doors close I will always urge her to keep on dreaming.
I also notice that some dreams on my list that I have accomplished and others that are still possible. I will keep you posted if any of these dreams come true. (I am rooting for cheerleader lol)

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