Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Morning?

My daughter was honestly the best baby ever. In the mornings she would wake up with a giggle and would just chatter happily to her stuffed animals until I went into her nursery to greet her.
My son must not be much of a morning person...he has two ways in which he "greets" me in the morning: a holler (which I interpret to mean literally, "Woman! I am awake. Get me out of here!") and a full-on scream (this one means, "I SAID NOW!!")
We had a particularly rough night last night. The wind storm kept waking up our poor buddy and I had to console him several times in the night. And since Wednesday is our trash day, all the dogs in the neighborhood give their "Wednesday Morning Salute." (This part wouldn't be so bad if the garbage trucks did not roll through at 5am.)
So you see, it was much to my surprise and delight that when Jack awoke this morning he began a happy chatter. I laid in bed for about 10 minutes this morning just basking in the glory of his giggly sounds. I gave a brief thought of thanks and decided I would take an extra few minutes to wake myself this morning, after all, he was in a really happy mood. I should take advantage of it, right?!
As I ascended the stairs I could still hear him jabbering away. I smiled. There truly is no sweeter sound than that of a contented baby. I opened the door with a jubilant "Good morning, Baby Boy!" and all at once saw the reason for his happiness.
My son, for at least 20 minutes now, had been "painting" his walls.
If it is all the same, I think I will hope for the holler tomorrow morning :)

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