Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Buddy System

I am a runner. Granted, I have not been so good about getting out and running lately, but I am currently working on re-starting my regimen. (May I add here, the broken bum is not helping me.) I don't run as much for fitness as much as I run for stress relief. I get really irritable if I haven't run in a while, and one jog really seems to make a difference.
Today I had a really rough jog. I have a bicycle trailer that converts into a stroller so I can haul the kids along with me. (Sam is too big for a standard size jogging stroller.) Typical of a pair of siblings, my angels were yelling and poking and hitting each other the entire time. Eventually I had to turn around and pack it in early. Needless to say, the arguing was not helping me de-stress.
Aside from the children, I was out at 10am and the sun was already extremely hot. And just because, the wind decided it wanted to blow directly in my face for the majority of the run. Let's just say, today's run kicked my broken butt. :)
Later this afternoon when the kids and I were coming home from Sam's dance class, I saw two women jogging together. Both had babies in strollers. One momma had a double jogging stroller. It was high noon in El Paso. In case you're not from El Paso, let me stress to you how blazing hot the sun is here. We are currently under a wind advisory with winds holding at about 30 mph and gusts at about 55mph. These winds were blowing all over these women and their babies and slapping dirt straight into their faces.
"What a pair of suckers," I thought to myself as I drove past them. But as I took one last hoity-toity glance at them through my rearview mirror, I noticed them smiling and laughing to one another, and they just kept jogging along.

Uphill jog: Got it. Screaming children: It's all good. Burning hot sun: No biggie. Running into the wind: Too easy. Dirt all over me and my babies: I'm ok with that. Everything is easier with a friend.

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  1. You're still young enough to have already figured out that, through the magic of technology, you can still remain close friends with people you went to school with. But don't ever feel like just because think your living situation might be 'temporary' that you can't make some really close, new friendships now. Don't be like me and wait until your older and are too timid to just pick up the phone and say, "Hey, would you like to...?". We could all use more good friends. Smooch!